Although in the shadow of posher vans in the range this season, Swift Charisma models have benefited from a makeover for 2011. Swift’s design team wanted to improve the triple-bunk layout by adding a separate shower cubicle. As a result, the Charisma 565 is longer than last year’s model. The bunk area has also changed. The triple bunk has been ditched in favour of two larger bunks. The dinette facing it converts into a single bed with a bunk over the top to allow for six to sleep. This meant that the only six-berth in the range was a huge 5.8m model. So Swift has reinstated the old 570 transverse-bunk six-berth floorplan, deleted for 2010, for those who want space for six in a smaller bodyshell.

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In terms of equipment, the Charisma gets thicker floors, treated for damp resistance. The wood used for the sidewalls is also more resistant to mould and damp damage. Despite all this, there is little change externally, aside from a new ‘Storm’ alloy design seen on this class of caravan for the first time.


Inside, the soft furnishings are updated, four mains sockets are standard, including two in the kitchen area. LED lighting that proved popular in last year’s Challenger models has been brought into the entry-level Swift models. A swish digital control panel and 25A battery charger are standard, too. Prices and weights across the range are yet to be confirmed.