GENERALLY SPEAKING, WE’VE come to expect the expected from Coachman when it comes to launching new models. That’s why the 2012 Pastiche was such a surprise. Undoubtedly inspired by Swift Group’s revolutionary designs for 2011, Coachman has taken aspects of the styling and made them its own. A new front end, single-piece aluminium sidewalls, a new rear panel and side-exiting waste pipes all make an appearance for the first time.


Away from the striking looks and wide roof window, there is still plenty to recommend the Pastiche. Coachman has an exclusive distribution deal with Truma for the Combi heater. This is an all-in-one water and blown air space heater but it has a programmable digital control panel which is exclusive to Coachman caravans for 2012.


Inside, the interiors have had a complete makeover. Although the woodwork is a similar shade to last year, darker detailing, contrasting interior plastics and particularly, subtle dimmable LED lighting give it a very plush feel. Look out too for the clear digital control panel which is clearly labelled and supremely simple to use.


Practical Caravan Verdict

In terms of layouts, minor tweaks aside, it is the same five floorplan set-up as 2011, with the two largest models being fixed beds. Prices and weights are not yet confirmed, but the latter at least are set to be lower than in 2011 models.