THE NEW SPRITE is the best looking entry level range on the market but if the prices aren’t right, looks alone would not be enough to sell them.


The prices of the new models are listed below and compared to rival products, they are very competitive. There are few directly comparable layouts with Elddis’s Xplore range (the most obvious natural rival) aside from the Major 6 model which fronts up to the Xplore 506. The Sprite edges pricing but the Elddis is lighter by around 50kg. At the smaller end, Bailey’s Orion 400-2 is around 90kg lighter than the Sprite Alpine 2 but £250 dearer.


All of this shows that Sprite is in the right place to be competitive, both in terms of weight and price. There are only four models on display at the NEC this week, with the rest arriving at dealer sites in a month or so.



2012 Sprite Prices

Alpine 2


Alpine 4


Musketeer TD


Musketeer EB


Major 4


Major 6


Quattro FB