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IF YOU ARE looking for somewhere a little different to take your caravan this summer, the chief executive of the states of Alderney may have the answer.

IF YOU ARE looking for somewhere a little different to take your caravan this summer, the chief executive of the states of Alderney may have the answer.


Alderney is the the northernmost of the Channel Islands, and it has opened the ferry port to caravanners for the first time. An official announcement from the island's authorities decrees that caravans and motorhomes can now book a holiday at the island's only park, the stunning Saye Beach Campsite. The facilities at the site have just received an extensive makeover too, meaning it is ready to delight even the fussiest caravanner.


Doing the paperwork

If you are thinking about just hopping on a ferry however, there are a few formalities you need to attend to. First up, you need to get a temporary import permit from the island authorities. A fee is payable for the temporary importation of your caravan, but it will be returned when you leave. Make a booking at the site, and they can help you with the paperwork. 


In terms of ferries, there is not a roll-on, roll-off ferry in the manner of regular cross-channel shipping. You need to contact the official shipping company to make a booking for 'freighting' your caravan to the three-square mile island. And they won't let you on the ship without the permit.


Bear in mind too that you need to get the tape measure out too. The maximum width of a caravan on Alderney is 2.29m wide, which is fine for the majority of caravans, but a limit of 6.9m on shipping length will prevent larger tourers from making the trip.


If this all sounds like a bit too much trouble, maybe the picture of the site will change your mind. This could be the hardest pitch you'll ever get your caravan onto. Looking at that view however, we reckon it might just be worth the effort...

Saye Beach Campsite

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