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Be first to see the new-for-2017 and ever-more luxurious range of Coachman caravans including three new models, plus a host of island-bed layouts

Rather than any major new launches, the Hull-based Coachman Caravans has concentrated on making subtle tweaks to update an already strong portfolio of tourers, with the focus firmly on luxury. The big loser has been a former favourite, the fixed nearside bed, which has departed from all ranges bar the VIP and replaced by various new island-bed models.

For the twin-axle Laser flagship, the newcomer is the transverse-island-bed, end-washroom Coachman Laser 675, an extended version of the firm’s best-selling VIP 575. The Laser 620 has also been revised with a new washroom layout and a heated rail for outdoor clothing, while all get new graphics and fabrics, plus a new ‘graphite’ theme for the interior. Those same styling tweaks apply to the single-axle VIP line, which continues with the popular 2016 layouts, but there are changes to the VIP 565, which gains lower, wider fixed twin beds and a huge ‘Sky view’ rooflight over the master bedroom.

The centre-washroom, rear in-line island bed floorplan that served VIP and Laser so well last season has filtered down to the Pastiche and Vision for 2017, and there are also significant revisions to the two-berth Vision 450 and Pastiche 460, and the four-berth Vision/Pastiche 520. These non-fixed-bed models all receive a revamped washroom, with a larger – square – shower cubicle and new storage solutions.

There are the usual fresh graphics and fabrics for both ranges, and the Pastiche 565 also gets a ‘Sky view’ rooflight. But perhaps of most interest are two new options to the Vision: the Vision Plus, giving the option of a stylish front panoramic window across the range; and the new, family friendly Vision 630. This twin-axle five-berth has a front parallel lounge, an extra-wide side dinette, fixed bunks and a large end washroom.

The 2017 range of Coachman caravans at a glance

  • Coachman Vision 450 – 2-berth
  • Coachman Vision 520 – 4-berth
  • NEW! Coachman Vision 545 – 4-berth
  • Coachman Vision 565 – 4-berth
  • Coachman Vision 570 – 4-berth
  • Coachman Vision 575 – 4-berth
  • Coachman Vision 580 – 5-berth
  • NEW! Coachman Vision 630 – 5-berth
  • Coachman Pastiche 460 – 2-berth
  • Coachman Pastiche 520 – 4-berth
  • Coachman Pastiche 565 – 4-berth
  • Coachman Pastiche 575 – 4-berth
  • Coachman VIP 460 – 2-berth
  • Coachman VIP 520 – 4-berth
  • Coachman VIP 545 – 4-berth
  • Coachman VIP 560 – 4-berth
  • Coachman VIP 565 – 4-berth
  • Coachman VIP 575 – 4-berth
  • Coachman Laser 620 – 4-berth
  • Coachman Laser 650 – 4-berth
  • NEW! – Coachman Laser 675 – 4-berth
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