PRICES FOR USED 4x4s tend to be seasonal, with values rising over the winter months. According to the auction house BCA, this winter’s increase has already started.


BCA has looked at the prices which 4x4s sold for in its September auctions, and has found that prices are approaching the levels seen in the bad weather last January and February. The average value for all 4x4s sold by BCA in September rose to £12,805 from £12,509 in August and £10,381 in July.


“For many motorists – particularly those living in rural or remote areas – a 4×4 is becoming a necessity in winter, rather than a luxury” says BCA’s Tim Naylor. “Although we had an unusually warm September, prices have already started rising and the first hint of snow and severe winter conditions could see significant demand for all-weather vehicles which will send values sky high.”


Naylor’s advice for anyone thinking of changing their car to a used 4×4 is to buy now rather than waiting for the weather to take a turn for the worse. He also recommends choosing carefully to make sure the car will be easy to sell on in a few years’ time.


“Buyers should look for a high-specification vehicle to ensure it retains its value. Alloys, leather interior, air-con and sat-nav all add value. Performance and torque could also be important for future buyers and diesels are generally more popular although petrol does well as long as the mileage isn’t too high. But absolutely essential is ensuring the vehicle  has a comprehensive up to date service history.”


It’s sound advice – provided a 4×4 really is the right car to suit your needs. However, unless you live in a rural area or tow a heavy tourer a change to winter tyres could be a more cost effective way of staying mobile this winter.