Slovenian manufacturer Adria became the first to reveal its hand for 2016 at a special event to mark the brand’s 50th anniversary on 12 May in its Novo Mesto home town. In that time the firm has produced more than half a million caravans, and under managing director Sonja Gole, Adria Mobil has ambitious plans to build on its current 5.9% share of the European tourer market.

Britain is the fifth biggest market for Adria, and for 2016 it will continue to get a bespoke range of UK-friendly layouts, with every model in its Altea, Adora and Astella lines getting revised graphics and internal soft furnishings. But perhaps the biggest news is the new ‘Silver Collection’, a range of limited editions launched to mark Adria’s 50th birthday and described by Executive Sales and Marketing Director Matjaž Grm as: “A special gift for our customers and dealers.” Based on popular layouts in the Adora and Altea ranges, each boasts a silver external finish, special graphics and interior fabrics, plus an uprated spec list that varies from market to market. Like all 2016 models, these tourers will be with dealers from mid-August, and available for purchase from 1 September.

Adora goes silver

The only completed UK-market caravan on show in Novo Mesto was the new Adora 613DT Isonzo Jubilee edition. For Britain, this will be the only Adora to get the ‘Silver Collection’ treatment and, though a standard Isonzo will still be available, Adria UK reckons that few will choose it over the £19,390 jubilee model because it offers so much more kit for just £1000 more than the standard Isonzo.

As well as the silver side panels, whose graphics follow the style that will be seen across the Adora range for 2016, the new Adora features a revised rear wall and silver-grey ABS panels front and rear. There are plenty of changes inside, too, with attractive ‘Great Bear’ grey upholstery to match the rather snazzy new lined curtains, plus revised LED lighting, a breathable mattress, a TV holder, a microwave and – for the first time in an Adora – Alde wet central heating. 

Among the more dramatic alterations across the Adora line concerns the kitchen: a new 140-litre slimline Thetford tower fridge frees up 14cm of worktop space – which doesn’t sound a huge amount, but makes a big difference to the food-preparation area – and the oven has been repositioned to beneath the hob, after some customers claimed that it was sited too high. Finally, all Adoras also gain an improved bed make-up system with proper sprung slats rather than plywood sheeting for the non-fixed bed-box covers.

Just for the kids

One Adora that sadly won’t make it to the UK, at least for the 2016 season, is the new 613 PK. This is perhaps the ultimate family-friendly van, with the entire rear of the tourer given over to children with its ‘Kids’ Adventure Playground’ space – an area set up specifically with play in mind, with funky stacking cushions, built-in games, a whiteboard and even a den formed from the bunk beds, complete with a swing!

Unfortunately, its front-bed, mid-lounge layout is seen as a bit too alien for the UK market, but hopefully some elements of this clever design will filter through as options in the future.

Altea heads upmarket

Like the Adora, the Altea will feature a single model with the ‘Silver Collection’ treatment, the £15,390 472DS Eden, and the exciting news is that it will be based on an all-new five-berth, double-dinette layout featuring a fold-out bunk plus a central washroom and kitchen. Adria UK hopes that this affordable model will tempt buyers of this traditional layout to opt for a new van rather than a secondhand tourer.

Headline features include a panoramic sunroof, silver sidewall skirting and front and rear ABS panels, plus a natty set of graphics. There’s also alloy wheels, a spare wheel and a standard AKS hitch stabiliser, while the interior boasts Truma Ultraheat space heating, new ambient lighting, carpets, a TV holder, a microwave and breathable foam cushions.

Excitingly for buyers with more compact tow cars, Adria is aiming for significantly lighter weights than the rest of the Altea range, with a target MTPLM of around 1350kg.

Minimal tweaks for Astella

The flagship Astella has a small but loyal band of followers who appreciate its glamorous spec, and it remains largely unchanged for 2016. There is one significant alteration that buyers will appreciate, as the Astella becomes a proper four-berth tourer for 2016, following Adria’s decision to make it possible to convert the lounge seating into a double bed at night. There is also new lighter body construction, which promises sufficient weight savings to make up for the addition of a new standard 50-litre on-board water tank.

Seasonal-pitch special for the Continent

Recognising the growth of the twin-axle market in mainland Europe, Adria has launched the new seven-strong Alpina range topped by the simply vast 903 HT, the firm’s first 10m caravan, with an end washroom, transverse island bed, central fixed bunks and dinette, a huge lounge and a front kitchen. Single-axle versions use Al-Ko chassis, twin-axles BPW.

There are currently no plans to bring this line of behemoths to the UK, though several dealers have reputedly expressed an interest in the idea of a focused seasonal-pitch van, which requires a commercial vehicle to tow it. One element that is bound to make its way to lowlier Adria ranges – and has already appeared in its smaller motorhomes – is the Alpina’s concave locker doors. It’s a clever way to boost headroom and create a sense of additional space without sacrificing useful storage.

The 2016 Adria range at a glance

2016 Adria Altea range

All-new Eden arrives as a ‘Silver Collection’ anniversary special edition; brightly coloured 4four offers ‘Go Signature’ personalisation.

  • Adria Altea 362LH Forth 4 berths, front lounge, end kitchen and  rear offside washroom, MTPLM 1200kg, £12,440.
  • Adria Altea 472DS Eden SC 5 berths, front lounge, central kitchen and washroom, rear bunks and dinette, MTPLM 1350kg, £15,390.
  • Adria Altea 532UP Trent 4 berths, front lounge, central washroom and kitchen, fixed rear island bed, MTPLM 1350kg, £14,190.
  • Adria Altea 542DK Severn 6 berths, front lounge, central washroom and kitchen, rear offside bunks, rear nearside dinette, MTPLM 1415kg, £14,190.
  • Adria Altea 552DT Tamar 6 berths, front lounge, central kitchen, offside side dinette, offside fixed rear bunks, nearside rear washroom, MTPLM 1420kg, £14,390.
  • Adria Altea 362XH 4four 4 berths, front lounge, central dinette, rear kitchen, rear offside washroom, MTPLM 1200kg, £16,190.

2016 Adria Adora range

Fresh styling and interior ‘sky roof’ keep Adria’s spacious middle-ranker looking sharp: ‘Silver Collection’ Isonzo adds Alde heating.

  • Adria Adora 432DT Loire 2 berths, front lounge, central offside kitchen and dinette, full width rear washroom, MTPLM 1300kg, £15,450.
  • Adria Adora 612DL Seine 4 berths, front lounge, central kitchen, fixed twin beds, full width rear washroom, MTPLM 1600kg, £17,690.
  • Adria Adora 612DT Rhine 6 berths, front lounge, central kitchen and dinette, fixed rear corner bed and rear offside washroom, MTPLM 1700kg, £18,290.
  • Adria Adora 613DT Isonzo 4 berths, front lounge, central transverse fixed bed, full width rear washroom, MTPLM 1750kg, £18,390.
  • Adria Adora 613DT Isonzo SC 4 berths, front lounge, central transverse fixed bed, full width rear washroom, MTPLM 1750kg, £19,390.
  • Adria Adora 613UT Thames 4 berths, front lounge, central offside washroom, nearside fixed bed, full width rear washroom, MTPLM 1700kg, £18,590.

2016 Adria Astella 

Much-improved bed make-up system means that you can now accommodate guests in your glitzy, top-spec and very wide Adria!

  • Adria Astella 613HP Rio Grande 4 berths, front kitchen, central lounge, nearside fixed bed, full width rear washroom, MTPLM 1815kg, £23,590.
  • Adria Astella 613HT Amazon 4 berths, front kitchen, central lounge, fixed twin beds, full width rear washroom, MTPLM 1825kg, £23,590.