Bailey of Bristol today unveiled its revised anti-dent measures for its Alu-Tech caravans.


Practical Caravan saw Unicorn and Olympus models fitted with upgraded front panel protection at Bailey’s factory. The kit is designed to minimise the dent problems experienced by some Alu-Tech owners.


The problem is caused by stones being thrown up by the wheels of the towcar. Owners of four-wheel drive and MPV-style cars are worst afflicted and a set of mudflaps on the towcar minimise the chance of a problem.


Unicorn and Pegasus models with a 2011 CRiS number get larger front bumpers and thick, body-coloured plastic panels fitted over the aluminium front. Olympus models keep the original style bumpers but 2011 models get the upgraded panel covers with Olympus graphics printed on them. 


Marketing director Simon Howard said ‘The protective panels can be retrofitted to existing Olympus and Pegasus models and are available at cost price of approximately £50 per caravan. The revised front bumpers can be fitted to existing Pegasus caravans, although retrofitting them does obscure the bottom awning rail entry point. The larger front bumpers cost £129. All 2011 models get the bumpers as standard but these have the entry point higher up the rail.’


Prices do not include fitting, but the self-adhesive panels can be fitted over the top of exisiting graphics and protective film.