Caravan owners are being urged to take extra care of their vans to ensure they stay protected from would-be thieves.

The warning was issued by Tracker after a £500-£700 rise in the average price of caravans earlier this year. This has combined with an increase in demand at a time when there is a shortage of stock to make caravans a prime target for thieves.

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison at Tracker said: “Demand for UK staycations and lack of overall supply inevitably means the average caravan price is set to increase throughout the year. Whilst caravans have always been a popular target for thieves, the demand has created a knock-on effect with the availability and price of parts for second-hand caravans, creating an opportunity for criminals.”

“We have seen so many cases where professional criminals have been able to quickly cut through barriers, locks and other physical deterrents in order to get to a caravan. Physical deterrents such as secure storage facilities, hitch locks, wheel clamps, alarm systems and deadbolts will reduce the chance of theft, but only a tracking device will improve the chances of recovery if criminals get past these barriers.”

To help people safeguard their caravans, Tracker are offering the following tips:

  • Make sure you remove any valuables from your caravan.
  • Mark the caravan with a VIN CHIP Identification System.
  • Use an etching tool or an engraver to mark any valuables and interior fitments in your caravan with your postcode.
  • Check you’ve closed and locked any doors and windows.
  • Don’t keep your registration documents in the caravan – this can make it easier for thieves to sell it on.
  • If you’re thinking of storing your caravan at a site, choose one which provides good security instead of being attracted by the price.
  • Add physical deterrents to your caravan, including hitch locks, wheel clamps and deadlocks – these will all make it harder for thieves to take.
  • Consider installing a Tracker device – should the worst happen, it could help your caravan be found.

If you are thinking of purchasing a used tourer, make sure you avoid any of the potential pitfalls by reading our tips to help you buy the pre-owned caravan for you.


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