AFTER TAKING A WRY LOOK at eye-watering property prices, caravan and motorhome insurer Safeguard suggests that young people who can’t afford to buy their first home should buy a caravan instead!



It’s all meant in fun, of course, but it isn’t as mad as it seems. After all, living in a caravan full-time is no different to the enviable lifestyle of many motorhome sunseekers who head off to tour Spain or Portugal or Morocco about this time every year, returning to Britain to visit friends and relatives and sort out paperwork only once the winter has passed!


Plenty of people also spend a lot of the year in static caravans or lodges on holiday parks – or take the plunge and go full-time on a residential park. It’s not just for young people, either. Divorcees and retired folk find the lower bills a liberation, too.


The third option on Safeguard’s Snakes & Property Ladders infographic (below) is the crazy one – living for free in the woods. Er… maybe not, thanks. 



So, just in case you’re tempted to live in a touring caravan full-time… here’s their tongue-in-cheek look at an alternative freewheeling lifestyle! 


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Find out the options young people have for getting on the property ladder with this Snakes and Property Ladders infographic from


Kate Taylor

Practical Caravan