We are thrilled to announce who the lucky Practical Caravan reader is who has won a brand-new Coachman VIP 460, worth £23,995.

Drum roll, please…

And the winner is Gary Walker, a keen caravanner who lives on the Orkney Islands!

Going up in the world

“I was at home when I received the phone call,” Gary tells us. “I was so stunned that the caller asked if I was sitting down!”

Gary enjoys touring with his wife, Claire, children James, 14, Matthew, 11 and Libby, 9, and the family’s two-year-old Golden Retriever, Stella.

“My grandparents and parents had touring caravans,” he continues. “Three years ago we owned a small boat and six-man tent which we decided to sell to buy our first caravan.

“As we live in Orkney we believed we would get far more use from a caravan and it would be easier to arrive at a campsite and hook up, rather than try to pitch a tent in the rain whilst trying to amuse three young children!”

This first van was a 17-year-old, five-berth Swift Accord, used on weekends and in school holidays.

After that van was sadly written off during the family’s first overseas tour this summer, it was replaced by a 13-year-old Swift Oronsay in September, which needed a lot of work – so this will be their first Coachman caravan.

“We have owned two old caravans, but have often admired many newer, more modern caravans on sites we’ve visited – and now we’ll have one,” says Gary in disbelief.

And we’re happy to hear he has big plans for his 2018 touring, so the Coachman VIP 460 will get a good workout, the family hoping to visit Cornwall, the west coast of Scotland, the Lake District and France.

“We are just absolutely amazed that we have won a brand-new caravan – thank you Coachman and Practical Caravan!”

Biggest-ever giveaway

“This fantastic competition was our biggest-ever giveaway, marking the 50th anniversary of Practical Caravan plus the 30th birthday of Coachman Caravans,” added Practical Caravan’s Editor, Niall Hampton.

“With such an incredible prize up for grabs, we were inundated with competition entries,” he continued.

“I am so pleased to hear how excited Gary is to win this prize and wish him many happy years of touring in his new Coachman.”

We’re sure you’ll all join us in congratulating Gary and family – happy holidays!