Hull-based caravan manufacturer Coachman is delighted with its start to the new season.


The Lawns Caravan Extravaganza in Cottingham on 4 September is considered by many manufacturers to be a barometer for the season in prospect, and Coachman’s managing director, Jim Hibbs, is thrilled by the company’s start to 2011.


“To do well at the Lawns is critical, since this is the first time that we show our new models to the public,” he explained. “We were confident in our new designs and we’d received great feedback from our dealers, but you can never be absolutely sure that you’ve got it right until the customers actually say so!


“We took orders for over 60 new caravans in just two days, which is excellent – beating our sales targets by almost 30%. Better still, people seemed to like everything we had to offer, with orders placed right across the range. We even managed to sell two caravans we haven’t actually built yet – off plan!”


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