With the coronavirus very much at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it’s important as caravanners/motorhomers that we follow the latest legislation, guidelines and advice.

On 16 March 2020 Prime Minister Johnson urged people to work from home and to avoid pubs, clubs and theatres, these locations were subsequently instructed to close. The current government advice is to remain at home and avoid contact with others. The government is currently considering stricter policies on social distancing.

Stricter measure were announced by the prime minister on 23 March. Shops selling non-essential goods are to shut, people are only to leave home to travel to and from work, to exercise once a day and to shop for essential items. Gatherings in public of more than two people (who do not live together) is now prohibited.

In the event that you or anyone in your household displays symptoms, self isolating at home is the current advice. Follow the official guidelines on the NHS website and on the Government’s site.

UK Club sites

On 22 March the Camping and Caravanning Club announced that all its UK Club Sites will be closing with immediate effect, until further notice.

Scotland advises against travel to rural communities

Scotland’s rural economy and tourism secretary has lashed out at the “irresponsible behaviour” of some camper van owners heading to Scotland apparently in an attempt to avoid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Mr Ewing said his government has already been in touch with CalMac Ferries and other “industry leaders” to see if extra steps need to be taken to deal with the reported influx.

He said: “Let me be crystal clear. People should not be travelling to rural and island communities full stop. They are endangering lives. Do not travel.”

The Scottish Government’s advice is that only essential advice travel should be undertaken.

• Please note that the advice and legislation surrounding coronavirus is subject to change and while we will endeavour to update this story, please consult relevant official websites for up-to-date information.