Whether you’re thinking of putting your caravan into storage, want to take it on tour, or are considering buying your first van, one thing is for sure; you’ll want to make sure your tourer is protected.  

That’s where the caravan insurance experts at Compass come in. The brand will give you quality cover for your van at a price that’s right.

Having specialised in caravan insurance for over 40 years, Compass offer numerous benefits that will give you peace of mind, whether your van is in storage, being towed, or is pitched at a campsite. 

There are plenty of useful features included; for instance, ‘New for Old’ cover, which will replace your tourer with the most up-to-date model with the same specifications, following a total loss.

Compass insurance also covers accidental damage, as well as any damage that is caused as a result of storm, flood, frost and escape of water, along with the usual insured perils. 

Then there’s the £5 million Public Liability when being stored and £2.5m Public Liability when in use, Emergency Accommodation for up to 14 days and £2,000 if you’re unable to use your caravan – the list goes on.

Confidence in your cover

The competitive insurance Compass offer also covers any friends or family who use your caravan, while you have the option of taking European cover for up to 180 days, making it simpler than ever to set off on a tour of the Continent. 

For added ease, you can even purchase your cover online or alternatively, call the customer service team (which is award winning, for good measure) on 0344 274 0277. 

Compass offer a flexible way of paying too, giving you the chance to spread the payment over 10 months, so you can pay via Direct Debit in a more affordable way.

You can also get a discount when storing your caravan at a CaSSOA approved location or a BH&HPA member Park, as well as on alarms, trackers, and other security devices, ideal for giving you confidence in the safety of your tourer. 

Then, should you ever have any queries, there’s a dedicated UK claims team who offer 24/7 support, 365 days of the year.

How’s that for peace of mind?