Our brand new TV show is a Motorhome and Caravan Show special, filmed by our team at the recent show held at the NEC Birmingham. So whether you were able to make it to the show or not, you won’t miss out, as the Practical Caravan team brings reports from the biggest caravan and motorhome show in the UK, right into your living room.

This TV show is jam-packed with products and brand new caravans for sale, straight from the NEC. To make sure you don’t miss it, watch on Freesat 402 or Sky 192, or watch live online, on The Caravan Channel website. Whatever your taste in caravans, there’s something for everyone in this show.

Join caravan expert John Wickersham as he gets to grips with battery powered folding bikes and inflatable awnings. But that’s not all. Practical Caravan’s Stacie Pardoe has found a fab, spotty electric bike at the show and meets Scott from RooDog to find out more about it. Our Group Editor Alastair Clements meets one of his sporting heroes, the 1992 Formula 1 drivers’ champion Nigel Mansell who is also a keen caravanner and who opened this year’s NEC show. So make sure you don’t miss our NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show TV special, broadcast exclusively on The Caravan Channel to find out, among other things, how motorsport legend Mansell came to be a caravanner.

And there’s more. Practical Caravan’s Features Editor Clare Kelly shows us round a charming 1938 Eccles President that was on display at the NEC Birmingham. She is lucky enough to be able to take a look inside and you can too, by tuning in to our TV show. This lovely, classic caravan is a beautiful example that has recently been restored. The wood panelling and leather upholstery bring a true sense of luxury, and these and the stylish lights and the basic kitchen have been brought back to how they were when this van was new, 76 years ago. This really is a very special, memorable caravan.

We’ve also got a review of the new Adria Altea 362LH Forth with our Alastair Clements. A flexible four-berth that costs just over £13,000, it has a well proportioned end kitchen with a huge fridge, and a trio of different sleeping options. But if that’s a little to plain for your tastes, don’t worry, as Alastair has also been inside the Adria Altea 4Four, with a large, panoramic sunroof that does wonders for the caravan’s feel inside. He has found a Signature Edition version that you can buy in one of 29 different exterior colours – make sure you watch our TV show to find out more about this eye-catching van.

In addition, Alastair gets in the Hobby Premium 495 UL that carries many influences from the automotive sector outside, and that has a smart finish and a rear lounge layout inside. He also reviews the huge and very luxurious Buccaneer Cruiser. It will set you back just over £30,000, but for that, as well as a large, fixed, island double bed that’s over 6ft long, you get underfloor heating and self levelling steadies. The excellent washroom, filled with features more familiar at home than on tour, also impresses. Find out more and get inside this van by tuning into our TV show on The Caravan Channel (Sky 192, Freest 402 and live online).

Or how about a new Hymer? We’ve yet more from the Motorhome and Caravan Show as we take a look at some spacious and very well finished caravans from Hymer’s Nova range, where build quality, bed size, storage and the washroom all score top points with Practical Caravan’s Alastair. Too mainstream? At the NEC we also took a look around the T@B 320 Off Road – its porthole windows, teardrop shape and funky, chunky styling will surely appeal to a young audience. Clare’s also been considering the merits of a folding caravan, with Richard from Gobur caravans. He explains the advantages of these tourers when on tow and how easy they are to pitch once you’ve made it to your campsite, before Clare takes a look inside to understand what the living accommodation in these compact caravans is like – she came away impressed.

Our TV shows are produced by Practical Caravan’s team who work alongside colleagues from Information TV. Each episode is broadcast 10 times on The Caravan Channel, which you’ll find on Freesat 402 and Sky 192. And if you don’t have a satellite dish, don’t worry, you won’t miss out, as you can also watch our TV show live online. You can catch this edition of our show between Monday 27 October 2014 and Sunday 9 November 2014, at these times, on these days:

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