ELDDIS IS LEADING the digital march of the caravan industry by launching a smartphone app to showcase its 2012 product line-up. 


The unique app gives users a chance to browse the whole Elddis and Buccaneer caravan range in the palm of your hand. Much like a brochure, but with much smaller pictures.


Where it does leave paper brochures for dead is with the 360 degree product tours. It works well and includes model data, images, tours and pricing.  


The app is available for iPhone (OS4 onward) or Android platforms and is free to install. It is a pretty meaty download at 127Mb, so we recommend waiting until you have a Wi-Fi connection before installing it. The reason for the hefty size is that it installs all the content to the device. This avoids expensive phone data charges when browsing. It also means you can look at the range, even when you don’t have internet connectivity. 


For more info about the app, visit the Elddis website, Apple App Store or developer 360R for the Android version.