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WELCOME TO OUR Elddis GT Whirlwind project page!


Here you can follow Doug ‘Fix-it’ King’s progress with our 1983 Elddis GT Whirlwind, as he brings the van back to its former glory. Below you’ll find links to the various jobs Doug has completed.


Project history

We got hold of this little GT Whirlwind in 2009. We took it in part-exchange for our last project caravan; 1987 Avondale Wren which chronic damp problems. We sorted out the Wren over a couple of years and when the time came to sell it on, one potential buyer had a caravan to get rid of first. We had a look at it and despite the broken heater, leaking water heater and a strange fridge installation, we liked the look of it. The deal was done and we’ve had the Elddis on the fleet since.


We’re running a little behind the project’s progress in mag, but we’re adding more information all the time. Check back soon for the latest information on extra special Elddis!


Projects so far

Work on the 12V system and water heater

Fitting a second-hand Carver Cascade water heater

Removing the Carver/Truma space heater

Replacing a leaking rooflight

Completing the water installation


If you have any questions about the little Elddis, email Doug King who will be happy to explain where we are at with it.