When Practical Caravan went to the Erwin Hymer Group UK (EHG (UK)) launch this time in 2018, it was to see the first collection of Elddis, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer tourers produced under the full management of the German giant. Since then, developments have continued apace in County Durham: this year sees the addition of a few new models – taking the company’s offering to 40 in total – that should prove tempting to fans of the brands.

All-new Avanté models

Of the four brands produced here in Britain by EHG (UK), perhaps the best known is Elddis; within that are three ranges which continue for 2020 – the mid-range Avanté and Affinity, and the upmarket Crusader line-up.

Avanté will feature seven models this year: four in a ‘regular’ width, and three with the fashionable eight-foot width. Two new floorplans join Avanté: the 454 – featuring a transverse island bed and L-shaped lounge – and the family-friendly, eight-foot-wide 868, with rear-corner bed and bunks alongside. Other range tweaks include new graphics, revamped upholstery and ‘Elddis CompleteHeat’ as standard – a new Whale heating system that’s claimed to offer hot water in five minutes, and a 40% faster heat-up time.

Affinity, meanwhile, continues as four models; but out goes the 462, and in comes the rear-washroom 520 – it will be the smallest floorplan in the range, and has an MTPLM of 1345kg. Cross-range updates include a new graphics scheme, improved kitchen locker-door catches, a new Dometic midi-Heki rooflight, and more.

Completing the Elddis-branded offerings, Crusader receives only minimal tweaks for 2020. It continues as a luxurious line-up of five models, but does get a number of cosmetic changes. Among the most significant are an LED lighting concept (which includes low-level strip lighting in the bedroom), new locker door handles and an improved locker-door design, revamped exterior graphics and a revised upholstery colour scheme.

Compass developments

Moving on to the mid-market Compass range: Casita – its cheapest line-up – continues with seven models, but these include two new floorplans. Out goes the 462 to be replaced by the 454 – with the same layout as the Elddis Avanté sister model – while the 866 is replaced by the 868; again, with the same family-friendly layout as its Avanté sibling. Fresh exterior graphics and interior upholstery fabrics are also new, as is the ‘CompleteHeat’ system as seen on Avanté models.

The Capiro range gets one new model, the same as its Elddis Affinity-branded sibling; it’s the rear-washroom 520, which becomes the shortest floorplan in the line-up. All Capiro models receive new graphics, new upholstery and a new Dometic midi-Heki rooflight.

The upmarket Camino range, meanwhile, continues for 2020 with a choice of four models. They get both interior and exterior tweaks, including new lighting, revamped splashbacks and newly designed graphics.

Xplore amends

Xplore is EHG (UK’s) entry-level line-up, and it’s built a strong reputation over the years for offering great value. The company has decided to keep changes to a minimum this year, although there are a few updates (both inside and out) for buyers to look out for. Among them are the new Dometic midi-Heki rooflight that’s appeared across the EHG (UK) offerings for 2020, as well as revamped external graphics and an improved kitchen locker-door design.

Tweaks for Buccaneer

Last but not least in the EHG (UK) stable is Buccaneer, the company’s most luxurious brand. It remains as a five-model line-up, all of which have a shipping length of 8.16m and an eight-foot width. Sharp-eyed buyers will notice that the models have all been given new graphics, while revamped lighting, laminates and Whale Chariot exterior sockets now make an appearance.

All of EHG (UK’s) 2020 caravans get the company’s new ActivCare fabric, which offers a better performance than before, including easy-clean properties and stain-free technology.

UK prices for all models were released shortly before we went to press: Xplore will range from £14,199 to £17,199; Elddis and Compass, £19,599 to £29,049; and Buccaneer from £34,399 to £34,699. All prices are exclusive of a £595 otr charge.