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99% of Brits overestimate how many EV breakdowns are due to running out of charge

Would you know how many electric vehicle breakdowns are due to running out of charge?

The vast majority of UK drivers overestimate how many breakdowns are caused by electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and vehicle range, it has been revealed.

The AA attended a total of 13,000 EV breakdowns last year, and of those, less than 4% were actually a result of the vehicle running out of charge. 

14,500 drivers were polled by the AA, and of the respondents, only 1% could predict how often the vehicle running out of charge became an issue. In fact, 65% of respondents guessed the EV breakdowns were primarily a result of the main driving battery running down.

An electric vehicle at a wall-mounted charge point

However, both combustion engine vehicles and EVs have the same top two breakdown factors, with tyres and the smaller 12-volt battery both being the primary cause.

Drivers were also asked what they considered the average distance that an EV could travel in a single charge was, with 25% accurately able to choose the range of as much as 200 miles. 

AA president Edmund King OBE said: “As we fast approach the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel sales, more drivers are thinking about electric cars.”

“However, there are still concerns about the existing charging infrastructure and single charge range. Likewise, most drivers totally over-estimate the percentage of breakdowns due to running out of charge.”

“The reality is far better than drivers think, with very few EVs failing to reach a chargepoint. In fact, EVs and combustion cars share the same top two reasons for breakdowns which are tyres and the smaller 12 volt battery.”

“As more chargepoints, especially rapid chargers, are installed across the country the number of cars failing to reach one will further reduce, providing more confidence to drivers to help them make the switch.”

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The reality is far better than drivers think.