For the 2011 model year, every manufacturer is concentrating their efforts on the top end of their ranges. Elddis is making big changes to Crusader and Buccaneer. Swift and Sterling are making massive changes to the Conqueror and Elite ranges respectively and Bailey is launching an all-new range to compete with rivals. And we are getting a complete newcomer to the market in Auto Sleepers, which is building caravans for the first time. Coincidence? Not likely.

The reason for all the activity can be traced back to Lunar. It fitted the 2010 Clubman models with the Alde wet central heating system. It was the first time for years the system has been seen in a single-axle tourer and its been a big success. For 2011, everyone is playing catch up and fitting the Alde system. It also explains why Lunar’s tweaks are a lot more minor than everyone elses. 

Thing is, the Alde system is not a bolt-on upgrade. All the furniture needs redesigning to accommodate the low-level radiators and with no ‘fire’ to find room for in the van, interior designs have been tweaked too.
If you are looking to upgrade to a top-end tourer this season, you’re going to be spolied for choice.