If the thought of navigating narrow country roads brings you out in a sweat, you’re not alone.

Research has revealed three-in-10 motorists would willingly take a 16-mile detour, simply to avoid one.

A study from both Ageas and the RAC found 58% of drivers consider driving down narrow country roads to be a pressured situation.

A caravan being towed down a country road

In something that will come as little surprise to caravan owners, 62% of drivers said it’s the challenge presented by getting past other vehicles in a tight space that stresses them out. 61% also attribute it to fearing a collision with motorists on the route.

Other factors included having to reverse back to try and find a suitable passing place (45%), and also the prospect of ending up stuck behind a tractor (44%). Another sticking point is the standoff over who backs away to find a passing place (37%).

To help make any drives in unfamiliar areas a enjoyable experience this summer, the RAC is recommending:

Look at the route in advance

Before heading somewhere new this summer – and don’t forget, we have lots of suggestions for places to stay in our travel section –  plan out your journey. This can reveal any easier route that may take longer but lets you sticks to the main roads. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a detour that adds a few extra miles, simply for peace of mind.

Practice in advance

Are you new to the challenge of narrow country roads? It can feel a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve not towed a caravan before. If you can, try to get some practice in beforehand if you can, closer to home, to get you used to it. Don’t forget to check out our towing guide either – it’s full of top tips to help you stay safe and comfortable on the roads.

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