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Four simple tips for a dog-friendly holiday this year

Are you thinking of taking your canine companion away with you this year? We share some simple tips that could make it a more dog friendly holiday experience

Taking your dog on holiday with you and watching as your canine companion races around the beach (dog friendly, of course) is always an enjoyable experience.

Are you planning on taking your four-legged friend on tour with you this year?

If so, this simple overview from Melanie Sainsbury of Nature’s Variety could help to make it a more relaxing experience. 

Dogs on tour tips

What should my dog sleep in?

Ideally, take what your pet sleeps in at home, be it a basket or a crate. Failing that, at least bring something they’re familiar with, like a pillow or cushion. When placed in unfamiliar surroundings, some dogs can get anxious, so providing them with home comforts that can be snuggled into offer them a great stress reliever.

It could also be worth getting your dog acclimatised to the caravan before you set off. You can find out more about getting your dog used to staying in a caravan here.

Where should I take my dog on holiday?

If you’re looking to stay somewhere which is a dog friendly site, we have 10 great dog friendly campsite suggestions here. Do be sure to check out the rules of the site before you book though.

One thing to remember, wherever you go. Even if your dog is well behaved, you should still keep them either on the lead or an adjustable tether at the campsite, so they can’t wander off. You should also make sure they’re microchipped and have an up-to-date tag with your phone number on. 

You can find out more about driving your dog to the site here.

Take some home comforts

We all want to enjoy some good food while on holiday – it’s no different for your four-legged friend!

Before setting off, make sure you’ve prepared your dog’s food. One way to guarantee an unhappy dog is to run out and, subsequently, have to switch their meals up. Some dogs have sensitive stomachs, and a change in their diet could result in an unpleasant experience for them and you!

Be sure to pack their usual treats too, be it dental sticks, biscuits or similar. A bowl for water is also a must, as is a towel or two. 

Plan ahead so you know where you can take your dog

Plan ahead here. There will be some places you won’t be able to take your dog to, and others where you can. You’ll also find that your dog probably won’t get the memo about a nice relaxing beach break. Instead, they’ll be impatiently waiting to explore. There will be so many spots where you can enjoy a lovely dog walk, with some nice canine compatible pubs along the way. Oh, and don’t forget to take some bags with you…

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Even if your dog is well behaved, you should still keep them either on the lead or an adjustable tether at the campsite, so they can't wander off.