WE WOKE ON day four to the sound of rain drumming down on the roof of the Freedom. In truth, we’d been very lucky with the weather so far, and the forecast told of a brighter afternoon. Not fancying a trip to the washblock just yet, getting breakfast ready gave me time to think more about the car and caravan.


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First, my brother, and an apology. It has been pointed out that I haven’t revealed his name, so, it’s Sam. He’s the taller, younger, better-looking version of myself you’ll see lingering about these Scotland blog posts.


With that done, the caravan. Sam and I were eager to see what the little lightweight would be like inside, and whether it could comfortably cater for two people. Clambering inside at Freedom Caravans Ltd, we were impressed. With the bed tucked away, the Jetstream Twin Sport is effectively all lounge. Its end-kitchen features a four-burner hob, grill, three-way fridge and a good-sized sink. Both the sink and hob have glass covers, creating a generous food preparation area – considering the Freedom’s size.


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Below the grill is a storage cupboard good for most pots and pans, although the van’s water heater is located under here too and careful packing is needed to avoid damage to it in transit. Next to the kitchen, in the offside corner of the van, is the washroom. I’ve found using the keyboard ‘copy’ shortcut extremely useful writing this, especially with regards to the word ‘small’. The washroom is small. However, there’s a proper Thetford bench cassette toilet, shower with curtain rail and a couple of towel hooks. The sink folds down over the Thetford, is a good size and leaves plenty of room for showering when folded away again.


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The words ‘small’ and ‘need’ aren’t relevant in describing the lounge, though. There’s enough room to seat five and even with the table erected, legroom is good and the seat cushions are comfortable. The double bed slats are stored in a cupboard where a centre chest would normally sit, and despite not being on runners, with care, pull out smoothly. With the backrest cushions in place, the double bed is extremely large.


The price of Freedom

Unfortunately, while the fabrics used on the back cushions are sturdy, the seat cushion material is poorer quality. You get eight overhead lockers offering plenty of space for clothes and a large cupboard with hanging rail. There were mixed opinions about the positioning of the cupboard, which hangs over part of the offside lounge seat. This means one less person can sit to dinner, and, believe me when I report this, you hit your knees when turning over in bed.


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Ultimately, the Freedom Jetstream Twin Sport weighs just 750kg fully laden, costs just £10,695 to buy and really does offer everything two people need for a fantastic trip. If like Sam and I, you enjoy getting outdoors and find yourself only using the caravan on rainy days, mornings and evenings, you will love it. For a van of this price and size, the fact that you get a Truma water heater and blown-air heating (although they only work on gas), 13-pin electrics, a Thetford cassette toilet, shower, flyscreens and blinds on all opening windows and directional spot lights is notable to say the least. 


Is the Freedom for me?

Yet, if you like relaxing in the lounge with a paper and enjoy lots of space for cooking and washing, the Jetstream probably isn’t the van for you. It’s the same with all things caravanning, it depends on what you use it for. But I’d wager there’s an emerging generation who want a cheap, accessible holiday, or want to move on from using a tent. If you are one of those people, consider a Freedom. More on our brilliant Skoda Yeti in the Day 5 blog.