SHOW VISITORS EXPECTING something special at the NEC show need look no further than the IH Motorhomes stand. That’s where the IH Monopod is sat at this week.


The Monopod is literally a ‘green’ caravan, finished in a stunning metallic green finish. The complex compound curve bodyshape is made possible by the use of a GRP mould, a technique more commonly seen in boats than caravans.


Magic Bullet

IH claims that the ‘bullet’ design means the Monopod will slip through the air and see major improvements in towcar fuel economy compared to more conventional tourers. That’s as maybe, although the lumpy 1800kg max towing weight isn’t condusive to stand-out fuel economy. No matter, there is little else to compete with the Monopod in terms of style at this year’s show.


The most obvious rival to the slinky Monopod is the iconic Airstream tourers, which are also on display at the NEC. These live-in legends are also on display for those buyers who have the difficult decision to make over which uber-plush tourer to take home. Make you own mind up by visiting Airstream at Hall 17-113.


History Lesson

Keen caravan enthusiasts will notice that the Monopod is not all new. In fact, the basic bodyshell first appeared in 2005, where it was badged as the Voyager Vector. The GRP monocoque construction was show stopping in 2005, but now, finished in stunning metallic green, it is no less jaw-dropping. In fact, we ran a news story last year on a Vector we’d found for sale.


The Vector didn’t really catch on at the time, but IH Motorhomes owner, Ian Hartley is confident that his company’s first caravan can succeed. ‘When the Voyager launched’ he explained ‘it was very different to anything anyone else had ever seen and the market wasn’t quite ready for it. But the market it growing and welcoming a wider range of people with different tastes and expectations and manufacturers are taking the opportunity to be a little more adventurous with their designs’


The Monopod is on the IH Motorhomes stand in Hall 8 – 33. Prices are on application, but we’d suggest that deep pockets will be required.