TAKE A LOOK AT the ‘Quartz’ – a concept caravan that uses exterior materials to blend the van into its surroundings. The design, structure and equipment of the Quartz are literally influenced by the demands of the world immediately around it.


Design student Matilda Dahlquist looked at the target market for contemporary caravans in her native Sweden and considered how needs would change in the future. She ultimately decided that the caravan could become a utility vehicle used by those seeking active, outdoor holidays, a “basecamp for great adventures” as she puts it.


Fresh approach

Her original ideas were taken as a concept to various groups including campers, caravanners and even the hunting community. The Quartz was well received, with the people Matilda consulted generally concluding that a fresh approach to the way caravans look is necessary for the next generation.


With an idea of the market in place, Matilda was adamant that the Quartz should remain small and convenient for the owner.


Apart from the post-1997 UK driving licence weight restrictions to contend with in the future, as a truly accessible recreation vehicle the Quartz needed to be a usable off electric hook-up as on it.


Better efficiency

This meant taking a different approach to heating and living space. Solar panels, and even wood-burning stoves, were considered as alternatives to today’s established methods, offering better efficiency as go-anywhere heat sources.


The bold mirrored-prism design gives the caravan a contemporary exterior, but one that reflects the light and phyiscal nature around it to actually help the Quartz blend with its surroundings.


Simplicity is the key to the Quartz project, and although today’s caravans represent the current demands of the customer, looking into the future poses questions about what caravans will be used for and who will be using them. It’s interesting stuff.