This year’s Motorhome and Caravan Show will feature the cookery talents of Celebrity Masterchef winner Matt Dawson.


In between brushing up on his culinary skills, we managed to grab a moment of Matt’s time to chat to him about caravanning and cooking in a kitchen-on-wheels. 


Can you recommend a great dish that would be easy to cook in a caravan 
(bearing in mind the limited facilities)?


“Always have pasta, olive oil, dried chilli flakes, garlic and salt and pepper in the store cupboard. They all go well with chicken, prawns and beef to create easy meals in minutes.”


Aside from your wife, who would your perfect caravanning partner be and why? 


“My son Alex because we would get to spend quality father/son time together and when he’s a bit older, play sports together. I’d like to enjoy some family time away from 
all the distractions of work and city living.”


What would you say the best thing about caravanning is?


“The fact that you can pick up and go at a moment’s notice. Be it a break from work or a break in the bad British weather, the holiday starts from when you hit the road.”



Info The Motorhome and Caravan show takes place 
at Birmingham’s NEC from 16-21 October. 
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