GOT A GLIMPSE of this yesterday, while being show the new Unicorn layout at Bailey’s Bristol HQ.

[tl:gallery size=460×345]Not actually sure what was different about this Orion other than the name.


I was actually sneaking about, trying to get a look at anything else interesting and caught sight of the badges on this Orion. I was just about to peer through the window when I was politely told to clear off and ushered back toward the fixed-single bed Cadiz range topper which I was there to see. 


You often find that when wandering around at caravan factories, little side projects, prototypes or interesting old relics are left lying around.



Sporty Orion?

So what could a Bailey Orion ‘Evo 4’ be? Looking at what ‘Evo’ means elsewhere, for Mitsubishi, it is the name of a high performance version of its otherwise dull Lancer saloon. Not sure what a high performance Bailey Orion could do over a standard one? Maybe it is a stripped down version, a la Sprite Lite.


Don’t know. But there is definitely some expansion of the Orion range coming along for the Spring shows. I’ll climb the fence to get a better look and let you know when I learn more.