Coming thick and fast, the third lot of pictures from our competition. Can you spot yours?


Ami Philis, Bristol[tl:gallery size=160×230]

“This was taken on my baby boys first ever holiday. Here he is sat on the table waiting for his din dins! He is my pride and joy and I look forward to many more firsts with him 🙂








Gillian Smith,

[tl:gallery size=230×160]

North Lincolnshire

“Earlier on this year when we had the bad weather, we left our caravan at Lickpenny Caravan park in Derbyshire. On returning the following weekend we were faced with deep snow. As the weather was bad, we had the entire campsite to ourselves, and made the most of it. My husband 2 children and the 2 dogs,had the best time ever sledging, snowballing, made snowmen and this igloo. It was good to share childhood pastimes which we wouldn’t have done at home, we’d have been curled up in front of the fire.



Bill Gair, Oxfordshire[tl:gallery size=230×160]

“There is always something to fill your day in Cornwall. But what better way to end your day than watch the ever changing spectacular sunsets.



Roger Hollingsworth, Cornwall[tl:gallery size=230×160]

“Our Best Caravanning Holiday was leaving a cold and rainy Cornwall to travel down to a warm, welcoming Spain. We visited wonderful places, enjoyed delicious food and drink but best was meeting up with complete strangers from Derbyshire with whom we became the very best of friends



Gerard McBride, Cleveland[tl:gallery size=230×160]

“So many, but the one that stood out in my mind was the first one where my boys got stuck in with the chores, pulling the waste water and generally helping to get the van ready for action at the Camping & Caravanning Club site at Sheriff Hutton near York.



Nick Wildman, Cheshire[tl:gallery size=160×230]

“Having visited the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford each year as a child with my aunt and uncle, my first ever caravan trip was to RIAT2013. It was a very special moment being part of my first Caravan Club Rally in the same field as I used to visit as a kid! It brought back many wonderful childhood memories, and was the perfect introduction to the world of caravanning!



Neil Lees, Manchester[tl:gallery size=160×230]

“Our first time was the best. The stresses and strains of being ‘newbies on the block’ and setting up in the rain. But as we finished, the sun came out and a magnificent rainbow appeared above our new van. Surely a sign of things to come?




Carolyn Elder, Hampshire[tl:gallery size=230×160]

“A babyhood holiday (the first of many) in a caravan in Cornwall with Mum and Dad provided so many happy memories that caravans and Cornwall are still linked with happiness.



Gordon Purvis, Tyne and Wear[tl:gallery size=230×160]

“We have just completed a twelve week tour of, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and France, what better way than a caravan to be able to go and see places you want, staying how long you want, eat where and when you want and doing what you want? With a travel agent? I don,t think so, happy Caravanning.



Caroline Cordery, Birmingham[tl:gallery size=230×160]

“This picture shows our family holiday to North Wales this year, right in the middle of the heatwave, which we’d had no idea was coming when we booked- guaranteed hot and sunny weather on a UK holiday? Unprecedented! And in a caravan- such good value and ideal for the kids. Will definitely do it again, and in a bit more style too next time, if I’m the winner!

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