An inflatable pop-up roof and a chassis that lowers so the trailer can be stored in a conventional garage are just two of the innovations the Porsche design studio has included in a new concept RV that it has produced with caravan manufacturer Airstream.

The new trailer retains the famous aluminium body that is synonymous with Airstream, but its profile has been altered to make it more aerodynamic.

The innovative caravan also includes a rear door with a bottom half that opens down to make a sun deck, and continuous windows along the sides.

Rear of concept trailer

Airstream says it wanted to try out the new sinking chassis – a first for the brand – with the aim of appealing to urban-based customers who are thinking of buying a caravan, but might not have a great deal of space to store their vehicle outside.

Although the trailer will not, for the present moment at least, be going into full production, a one-third size model was on display at the South by Southwest Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas, back in March.

Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler said: “While our concept projects don’t always reach the marketplace, the resulting lessons and innovations often influence present and future designs as they make their way into our main product lines.”

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