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FEW CARS ATTRACT as much attention as the Range Rover Evoque. After towing with the car for a twin test in the June issue, and I’ve become used to being stared at.


Everyone has an opinion about the Evoque. Some are positive, some negative. One or two seem to love and hate the car at the same time.


I borrow tourers from Michael Jordan Caravans for our twin tests, and normally the cars I arrive in earn nothing more than a quick glance out of the window. This week was different.


After making a few disparaging comments about hairdressers, half the sales team came outside to take a look. That hasn’t happened before in the five years we’ve been borrowing vans from MJ’s.


Depending on who I was speaking to, the Evoque was ‘gorgeous’, ‘ugly’, ‘great’ or ‘not a proper Range Rover’. Whatever their gut reaction, everyone got around to the same question: ‘What’s it like?’


The long answer can wait for the June issue, but the short answer is that it’s very good indeed. It makes a stable towcar and is great fun to drive solo. As for the looks, I’m definitely in the ‘gorgeous’ camp.


However, there’s no getting away from the car’s high price. Our SD4 Prestige test car costs just under £39,000, even without adding options. That’s a mighty amount of money for a relatively small 4×4. You can buy bigger, more powerful SUVs for similar cash, and they’ll be more suitable for towing heavy vans than the Evoque.


Whether they would attract so much attention is another matter.