As a seasoned caravanner, you already know how enjoyable a holiday in the UK can be. And it seems that other people are now waking up to this idea – in fact, almost 40% of Brits say that lockdown has made them more likely to take an annual staycation.

That’s according to a survey by specialist caravan insurance provider Ripe Caravans, which questioned 1000 UK consumers about how lockdown has altered their travel habits.

The survey findings revealed some fascinating results in the changing perceptions of caravanning in the UK, the potential for a long-term trend towards staycations and the way-of-life they bring.

UK holidaymakers are looking closer to home

According to Ripe Caravans’ recent survey, almost half (46%) of Brits have already planned a staycation for summer 2020.

Even more interestingly, 36% will now consider booking an annual UK trip in future, which points towards a sustained increase in the demand for staycations.

The good news is that you’re already ahead of the curve and have been enjoying the benefits of a caravan holiday for a while.

But this does mean that competition for park reservations could dramatically increase over the coming months, so make sure you’re well prepared when it comes to booking your site pitches.

Staycations look set to stick

Although it may have been the lockdown and travel restrictions that initially made people look to closer shores for a holiday, Ripe’s survey found that it’s the way of life that a caravan holiday provides that could bring staycationners back for years to come.

One in three respondents have enjoyed the slower pace of life under lockdown, and want their next holiday to reflect that.

A further 29% feel that lockdown has made their family unit stronger. As a result, they’re now more likely to stay somewhere that allows them to maintain that closeness.

As caravanners know better than most, the togetherness that a family caravan holiday offers is unrivalled. The chance to bond and take in new experiences without any of the distractions other holidays can bring is what makes them so special.

John Woosey, Founder and Managing Director of Ripe Caravans, said of the survey’s findings: “Lockdown has been challenging for everyone in the UK, not least because we haven’t been able to travel or take a holiday.

“However, it’s also provided a period of reflection and – as these findings suggest – will positively impact our behaviour for years to come.”

The opportunities for seasoned caravanners

With more demand for caravan holidays, and newcomers unwilling to part with a lot of cash to purchase their own holiday home, you could secure yourself a second income stream by renting your caravan or holiday home in the weeks you’re not using it.

John Woosey, a caravan owner himself, said: “Perhaps most encouraging is that consumers who may have previously been unaware of the charms of the British coast and countryside, now plan to make more of what the UK has to offer.

“Given the difficulties of the past few months, this silver lining is definitely welcome!”

The ever-increasing need for specialist caravan insurance

The more caravanners there are on the roads and in holiday parks, the more caravans there are for thieves to target. More than 1 in 10 of survey respondents said they are worried about theft and damage to their caravan this year.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on a caravan holiday for the first time or are a seasoned caravanner, your caravan’s contents could quite easily be stolen while your back is turned.

Theft is, of course, just one example of what could go wrong. Here are some other common scenarios:

  • You accidentally damage your caravan while driving it or parking it
    You’ll be covered up to £85,000 with Ripe Caravans’ extensive cover
  • Your caravan suffers damage as a result of storms or floods – and, let’s face it, we get plenty of these in the UK!
    Your caravan and contents will be covered in these events with Ripe Caravans
  • Your caravan is damaged by fire as a result of an electrical fault
    Accidental fire damage is just one of the many areas that Ripe Caravans covers

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