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SUBARU HAD A tough year in 2011 – new car sales were down by nearly a third compared with 2010. The company hopes its new aftersales package will tempt buyers back into the showroom.


Called Everything Taken Care of (Subaru ETCo), the three-year package is included in the price of all new Subaru models. There are 11 separate elements, including minor dent and scratch repairs, alloy wheel repairs, a monthly wash and vacuum, an annual valet, lost keys replacement, service collection and delivery, an annual wheel alignment check, first MOT cover, an accident management service, insurance excess cover contribution, and winter wheel and tyre storage.


You’d have to be very unlucky to make full use of every single service to the fullest, but if you did, Subaru says the package could be worth over £7000. Even if you never lose your keys or need a dent repaired, features like the free regular cleaning and service collection and delivery mean even the most careful and fortunate owner should get some benefit.


There are limits to the amounts that can be claimed (up to £1000 per year for dent and scratch repairs for example), but that’s to be expected. Provided dealers don’t use ETCo as an excuse to resist giving a discount it looks like one of those rare instances of getting something for nothing.