Sprite is the most famous name in British caravans and its story is told in a new book.

‘The Story of Sprite Caravans’ is a softback book written by Practical Caravan’s very own Andrew Jenkinson. His extensive archive of caravan material goes back to the earliest days of caravanning and a lot of that material relates to Sprite.

Jenko explains why the make deserved its own book saying “The Sprite caravan has become one of the best known makes in caravanning history. It was known on the global stage in a way that no other British make before or since has been and its importance to the industry should not be underestimated.”



Social history of caravanning

The Story of Sprite is interesting because it demonstrates the importance of one man, Sam Alper OBE, in the brand’s dominance of the UK market. It also sets the Sprite in the social and historical context of the time, showing that the explosion in popularity of cars among normal working folk expanded the potential market for lighter, cheaper tourers. To all intents and purposes, the development of UK caravanning through the 60s and 70s is tightly tied to the fortunes of Sprite caravans.


The book hits newsstands in November 2011 with a recommended price of £15 so could be the ideal Christmas present for the caravanner in your life.


It is available to preorder from Amazon.co.uk at £12.74 too. For more details about the book, head to the Veloce Publishing website or call on 01305 260068.


ISBN 978-1-845843-58-8