The North West has been revealed to have more fixed speed cameras than any other part of the UK.

There are a total of 657 fixed roadside speed cameras in the North West, the study, conducted by LeaseLoco, revealed. This is in stark contrast to the North East and the West Midlands, which only have 137 and 78 cameras respectively.

Red car towing a caravan

In comparison, the South East also has a significant number, with 639 speed cameras.

To make sure you avoid any speeding fines, it is worth reminding yourselves of the maximum speed limits before setting off on tour.

For instance, you can only travel at a maximum speed of 60mph on a motorway when you’re towing a caravan – and the same applies on a dual-carriageway. This is in contrast to the normal 70mph speed limit for cars.

A single-carriageway also sees a drop in the maximum permitted speed limit. Cars can normally travel at up to 60mph but if you’re towing your caravan, this drops to 50mph.

Brushing up on the Highway Code before hitting the road could also be worthwhile.

For instance, Rule 169 of the Code states that large or slow moving vehicles should pull in at an appropriately safe spot if they have a long queue of traffic behind them. Failing to do so could lead to between 3 and 9 points on your licence, plus a fine of up to £5,000.

The number of fixed speed cameras across the UK by region are:

North West – 657
South East – 639
East of England – 480
East Midlands – 434
Wales – 316
Yorkshire – 297
South West – 230
Scotland – 202
London – 151
North East – 137
West Midlands – 78

John Wilmot, CEO of LeaseLoco, said: “Speed cameras have been a familiar sight on UK roads for years. And this data reveals the disparity between regions when it comes to the number of cameras surveilling our roads, with 500 more across the North West than neighbouring North East England.”

“What this data doesn’t reveal is the percentage of these roadside cameras that are currently operational. If Police Authorities’ figures from 2017 are still accurate, then only half of speed cameras are active and motorists may be tempted to gamble in light of these odds.”

“That’s an irresponsible game to play, and even if you do drive through an area where fixed cameras aren’t active, you still won’t be immune from mobile speed cameras. The best advice is to stick within the limits and don’t be tempted to speed.”

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