[tl:gallery size=180×180]It was hard deny that the little Sprite had a bit of a damp problem when travel editor Claudia managed to pull the rear nearside grab handle off without really trying. Nasty great self-tapping screws suggested it had been off several times previous but on closer examination, there is not much wood left to screw them too. 

It’s still usable until work actually starts on the repair. I’ve sealed the holes where the grab handle was to stop more water getting in, but really, it’d be nice to just get things started. 

With a caravan that has so far cost [tl:gallery size=180×180]under £425, there is no point booking it into my local Approved Workshop for the damp repairs. Damp repairs can run into hundreds of pounds due to the amount of labour so it looks like I’ll be breaking out the dehumidifier and setting about the damp corner myself. I’ve got a little bit of space set aside in a nearby yard where I can work. I have a gallon or two of Sikaflex, a few cans of Wet Rot Wood Hardener and a lot of Wot No Nails. Now. Where’s my hammer…


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