The Suzuki’s 13-pin electrics went on the blink recently, writes Stacie Pardoe. It was relieved of any towing duties this month while we got the trouble sorted. We found a problem with the socket as we tried hitching the Pegasus to the Skoda for our Reader Rally. We struggled to get the pins on the van’s electrics to line up to make the indicators and brake lights work.

We booked it in at our local workshop, Oak Farm Leisure in Cowley, Middlesex, and they simply replaced the socket. We were grateful it wasn’t a costly or complicated job. It took just over an hour and cost less than £30.
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With that problem solved, the rugged Suzuki is ready for the road once more. We can’t wait to get out in it and start towing again.

Price £20,410
Power 127bhp @ 3750rpm
Torque 221lb.ft @ 2000rpm
Kerbweight 1680kg
Towing limit 2000kg
Towball limit 85kg