Thicker sidewalls, Alde heating and inboard water tanks make the 2011 Swift and Sterling models its warmest caravans ever.

The sidewalls thickness has increased to 32mm on all Challenger, Conqueror, Elite and Eccles models. The 4mm increase improves the thermal properties of the new models, bringing them into line with the company’s motorhomes.

Combined with a new bonded roof construction and thicker floors, these are the strongest Swift and Sterling caravans ever made.

Designers also developed an improved wheelarch box which ensures heat losses from this vulnerable area of the caravan structure are minimised.  

The improvements mean models easily retain the Grade III classification awarded to Swift’s products last season. The standard is awarded once a caravan can demonstrate it can maintain an interior temperature of +20oC when the external temperature is -15oC.

The inboard water tanks, better insulation and use of Alde heating ensures that Swift Conqueror and Sterling Elite models remain comfortable, whatever the weather throws at you.