BREAKDOWN INSURANCE FOR mobility scooters is not easy to invent interesting adverts for, but Environmental Transport Association (ETA) seems to have managed it.

If a mobility scooter conks out en route to the shops, owners can apparently wait hours for assistance to arrive. The implication of the advert is that if you don’t have breakdown cover, you might want to invest in caravan to make the waiting around a bit more comfortable. 

Spokesman for the ETA, Yannick Read, said: “An increasing number of people rely on mobility scooters, but if you develop a fault or run out of battery power and don’t have breakdown cover – or a tiny caravan in tow – your only options are to push something that weighs the equivalent of two men all the way home or call on a relative with a large car.”


She’s a real QT

With a body length of 2m, the QT is a very manageable tourer. Weights are unpublished at this stage but with a new price of £5,500, it comfortably undercuts the market for more conventional tourers. That bargain price doesn’t mean a lack of kit either.

Like any modern tourer, the QT comes with a flatscreen telly, drinks cabinet and tea-making facilities. Despite the dimensions, ETA claim it has space enough for a single bed too. Charge your scooter from a green electricity supply and it’s claimed to be carbon neutral too.

Should you fancy accessorising your QT, options include solar panels, air horns, satellite telly and a bespoke paint job.
For details of ETA’s £50 scooter breakdown service, or indeed if you’re thinking of downsizing to a caravan you can tow into the supermarket, visit the ETA website here. You can see the QT in action below.

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