THE CARAVAN CHANNEL NOW OFFERS a chance to see the Practical Caravan magazine team in action. We’ve joined forces with Information TV to co-produce a series of 10 episodes of the Caravan Channel, broadcast on Sky 212, Freesat 401 and online.


We’re also streaming it live at broadcast times here, for those of you without Sky or a Freesat dish. Each episode will be repeated at the times given below, for two weeks, before the next episode takes over.



The Caravan Channel

Monday 8pm

Wednesday 5pm

Friday 5.30pm

Saturday 10.30am

Sunday 4pm

Watch via the livestream at the times given or tune in to Sky 212 or Freesat 401.



Enjoy reviews and guided tours of new caravans by Practical Caravan’s expert team, especially Rob Ganley, Niall Hampton and Jeremiah Mahadevan. For instance, Rob Ganley reports the return of the Compass range and shows us round the Compass Omega 540 in Episode 2, plus the new Coachman Vision 560/4, while Niall Hampton checks out the Swift Conqueror 645.



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Practical Caravan’s travel writers tour Britain to seek out the best holidays in each region – using a selection of tow cars and caravans. Our Clare Kelly kicks off the series and has a lot of fun trying new activities – we’re still laughing about Episode 1, where our Clare heads off in a boat with a Cornish fisherman and unexpectedly gets her first on-screen kiss! The lovely Lake District features in Episode 2, with Clare visiting Silverdale and staying in an iconic silver Airstream caravan. Plus she’s visited many more glorious locations for later episodes.



In each location we report on our host campsites and interview fellow caravanners about their best experiences in the region.


Plenty of practical caravanning advice features in the magazine, so helpful advice forms an essential part of our TV programmes too. For instance, John Wickersham shows how to lay up your caravan for the winter months in Episode 2 and he covers essential electrical accessories to take with you when you hitch up and head off with your caravan. Tune in for more helpful caravanning advice in each new episode.


We’ve attended all the launches of new caravans for the 2014 season recently for Practical Caravan magazine and now we’re sharing our previews of new ranges on TV, too!


Practical Caravan’s experienced tow car editor David Motton puts plenty of desirable new cars to the test – and now he’s sharing his reports on screen too, starting with the Ford Grand C-Max and the Mitsubishi Outlander, with many more new cars to come later in the series.

WATCH OUR SHOW TRAILER HERE[tl:movies size=480×270]



Practical Caravan magazine, October 2013