Layouts matter.

Why? Because the floorplan of your caravan dictates how you live in it, which can have a direct bearing on how your tourer works for you and therefore how much you enjoy your time in it.

Indeed, you often tell us that when you started caravanning, the layout you first thought would work wasn’t quite ‘The One’, and that you had to tour in vans with a number of different floorplans before you found the one that best suits you.

Changing tastes

Layouts go in and out of fashion.

It’s not that long ago that French beds (fixed double beds set against a side wall) were all the rage, but their popularity has waned – indeed, the Bailey Unicorn Valencia is one of very few 2018-season models to carry this layout.

In years gone by, two-berth, end-kitchen vans were commonly seen in manufacturers’ ranges, but now the Xplore 422 and Compass Casita 462 stand out in 2018 for offering this floorplan.

No-one could have missed the rise-and-rise of the centre-washroom, rear-island-bed layout in recent seasons. Step forward the Lunar Delta TR, the Buccaneer Barracuda, the Swift Sprite Quattro EB, the Bailey Unicorn Cabrera and the Elddis Avanté 860 to name but a few!

And touring families have had it good of late with kid-focused vans joining the market, like the recently revealed Swift Sprite Super Quattro DB – even Coachman is getting in on the act with its new VIP 570, the first rear-dinette, fixed-bunk layout to appear in the brand’s top range.

How do you like yours?

So, what’s your preference?

Do you like a fixed bed, or are you happy with a make-up? If the former, would you like an island bed, a French bed or fixed singles – or do you need fixed bunks?

When it comes to washrooms, do you like yours along the back, across the middle or up the side? And how about your kitchen?

Is the layout of your dreams even available? You’ll find vans in Europe with floorplans never seen on the UK market, although we get a taste of what’s out there thanks to Caravelair – would you like British brands to take note?

Let us know!