We at Practical Caravan know that our readers are a diverse bunch. We all love our caravans, but beyond that, we’re all individuals with our own preferences when we’re out on tour.

Perhaps you enjoy a visit to the nearest city when you’re pitched up – or maybe you’re happiest when you’re exploring the beautiful surroundings of your campsite.

No matter what you love doing, a new bike from Ribble Cycles can make it so much easier.

And now one lucky reader can win a voucher worth £2500, to spend on a fantastic, custom-colour, handbuilt bike from across the award-winning Ribble range.

Choose the perfect ride for you

What you go for is up to you – and Ribble Cycles has something for every caravanner.

Perhaps you enjoy on-road cycling, racking up the miles using your caravan as a comfortable base. In that case, you could choose something from Ribble’s road range.

Or you might prefer to tackle rougher terrain. Stony paths and muddy slopes will prove easy work on a Ribble gravel bike, which offer high performance when you head off-road.

Then again, you might want to get the best of both worlds. Ribble’s hybrid cycles are stylish and designed for fun, no matter what the terrain.

If you want your cycle to take the strain, you could put your £2500 voucher towards a brilliant Ribble ebike – you choose the amount of electric assistance you need at the touch of a button, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Can’t decide which to go for? You can even spend your voucher on two bikes – perhaps one for town rides, and another for off-road adventures from your caravan.

What’s more, there’s more than a century of expertise built into every Ribble cycle – the company was born in Britain back in 1897, and it’s been producing fantastic bikes ever since.

To be in with a chance of winning your fantastic Ribble Cycles voucher worth £2500, simply fill in the form below (or click on this link) before the closing date of 20 June 2024. Good luck!