THE RECENT BAD weather may have taken the country by surprise, but the snow and ice hasn’t stopped caravanners from enjoying their hobby – Practical Caravan readers have been sending in pictures of their home from homes against stunning winter backdrops.


And we’re pleased to report that the spirit of caravanning hasn’t stopped there, with UK caravan manufacturers working around the clock to ensure new vans are built and deliveries are made.


As you can see from these pictures, Coachman’s factory in Hull received a comprehensive dusting during the recent snowfalls. The firm invested £2400 removing snow from their site using six JCBs over two days.


“We invested heavily in clearing the premises and the work was so successful that we were only short of our normal production levels by one caravan,” said Coachman’s Managing Director, Jim Hibbs.


Constant battle

A few miles away, Swift Leisure felt the full force of the bitter conditions: “With snow every day for 10 days, it was a constant battle to keep the factory clear and even get workers’ cars into the car park,” said Marketing Director, Richard White.


“The company’s own snowplough, together with specially hired JCBs, enabled the company to continue production throughout.”


Heading further north to County Durham, Elddis Caravans was particularly exposed to the elements, but battled to keep its caravans being delivered.


Well prepared

“We were well prepared, with our snowploughs and gritters operating continuously to minimise disruption,” said Commercial Director, Chris Whitham.


“We did experience some disruption to production as a result of transporters being unable to access the national road network, but we’re used to this type of weather up in Consett and are therefore more prepared to cope with it.”


Awful conditions

On the opposite side of the country, Lunar Caravans also had to do battle with the elements. “Despite awful conditions across the country, our network of suppliers fought extremely hard to ensure deliveries arrived at the factory and we maintained production targets,” said Marketing Manager, Lea Lawrence.


“Our factory was well equipped to combat the plunging temperatures, thanks to the recent installation of a carbon-neutral biomass heating system.”


Short-term delays

Down in the south west, Bailey Caravans managed to escape much of the snow, with only some deliveries affected: “Apart from deliveries to Scotland having to be postponed and a few short-term delays with suppliers, we continued as usual,” said Marketing Director, Simon Howard.


“With the latest insulation technologies available on our caravans, we have seen more and more people turning to touring this winter.”


And there’s more to come…

And let’s hope they’re fully prepared, as forecasters predict another cold snap arriving across the UK later this week.