Devon-based 1-RV’s Edge range provides the facilities of an RV motorhome but in a conventional towed caravan design. It features a slide-out section to give extra room inside when pitched on site. It is built to order by Heartland in North America, based on a fully-winterised North American design, but modified for European regulations. 

Although already seen on fifth-wheel type units, it is unusual in the UK to see a slide-out system used on a towed caravan, partly due to the weight and cost penalties.

The MTPLM of the Edge M18 works out at 2200kg, which is very similar to the current Airstream International 684 or any of the twin-axle Vanmasters. To be in the same maximum weight range as these but with a slide-out system fitted is certainly something of an achievement – especially with a price not very much more than a Buccaneer.

The lightweight aluminium frame and alloy sandwich construction means there is no wood to rot or attract damp.