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The Practical Caravan multi tool group test – 1 - A multi tool is handy on your holidays and when at home! We put 10 of the best to the test (© Simon Mortimer/James Stanbury/Practical Caravan)

Multi tools 2017

Clever, practical and super-handy for your caravan holidays, we put 10 multi tools through their paces to help you decide which is the best for you

Created on 15th December 2017

Practical Caravan – Walking boots group test – 1 - Here we put eight pairs of walking boots – four men's and four women's – to the test (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Walking boots 2017

Walking boots are ideal for when you're getting out and about on your caravan holidays – we lace up with eight pairs to put them through their paces

Created on 11th December 2017

Practical Caravan – camping chairs – 1 - Camping chairs are caravanning essentials – here we test 12 heavy-duty products (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Heavy-duty camping chairs 2017

Each of these camping chairs is rated to at least 120kg, so should suit most caravanners, but which is the best? We've put 12 to the test to find out

Created on 24th November 2017

Practical Caravan – Stainless steel flask reviews – 1 - Whether on site or out and about, a flask can be super-handy – here we put 14 through their paces! (© James Stanbury/Practical Caravan)

Stainless steel flasks 2017

For hot and cold drinks, stainless steel flasks are affordable and more durable than glass-lined ones – we've tested 14 to find the best for your holidays

Created on 17th November 2017

Practical Caravan accessory reviews – upholstery cleaner reviews – 1 - Life happens in your van, so of course it'll get mucky! We put eight upholstery cleaners to the test – which comes out on top? (© James Stanbury/Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Upholstery cleaners 2017

What upholstery cleaner should you use in your caravan? Don't hammer your payload carrying a crate of cleaning kit, read on and find out which is the best!

Created on 4th September 2017

Practical Caravan – Wireless reversing camera reviews – 1 - We put 10 wireless reversing cameras to the test, to see which is the best solution for caravanners (© Simon Mortimer/James Stanbury/Practical Caravan)

Wireless reversing cameras 2017

A reversing camera can be super-handy for caravanners and wireless kits make them more affordable than ever – we put 10 to the test to see what's best

Created on 31st July 2017

Practical Caravan – Pressure cooker reviews – 1 - For delicious, healthy food on your caravan holidays, have you considered a pressure cooker? (© Practical Caravan)

Pressure cookers 2017

The pressure cooker is back in fashion and can be great for tasty, convenient food on your caravan holidays – we've tested eight to see which is the best

Created on 19th May 2017

Practical Caravan accessory reviews – The power bank test – 1 - Find the best power bank for your budget and never run out of battery on your caravan holidays! (© Simon Mortimer/James Stanbury/Practical Caravan)

Portable power banks 2017

Don't like the thought of your phone, tablet or Kindle running flat while on tour? You need a power bank! We put 10 to the test to keep you fully charged

Created on 27th March 2017

Practical Caravan – Portable fridge group test – 1 - Keep more cool on tour – read our portable fridge/freezer reviews and find the best for you! (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Portable freezers 2017

For a first-rate portable fridge/freezer to increase your chilling capacity on your caravan holidays, check out these eight, at a variety of price points

Created on 17th January 2017

Practical Caravan's sat-nav apps test - header pic - We've been testing a selection of smartphone sat-nav apps for caravanning (© Practical Caravan/Simon Mortimer)

Sat-nav apps for caravan holidays 2016

Cheap sat-nav apps for your smartphone will save you money and stress – read James Stanbury's tests to find the best smartphone apps for towing caravans

Created on 31st May 2016

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