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Practical Caravan accessory reviews – upholstery cleaner reviews – 1 - Life happens in your van, so of course it'll get mucky! We put eight upholstery cleaners to the test – which comes out on top? (© James Stanbury/Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Upholstery cleaners 2017

What upholstery cleaner should you use in your caravan? Don't hammer your payload carrying a crate of cleaning kit, read on and find out which is the best!

Created on 4th September 2017

Practical Caravan – Wireless reversing camera reviews – 1 - We put 10 wireless reversing cameras to the test, to see which is the best solution for caravanners (© Simon Mortimer/James Stanbury/Practical Caravan)

Wireless reversing cameras 2017

A reversing camera can be super-handy for caravanners and wireless kits make them more affordable than ever – we put 10 to the test to see what's best

Created on 31st July 2017

Practical Caravan – Pressure cooker reviews – 1 - For delicious, healthy food on your caravan holidays, have you considered a pressure cooker? (© Practical Caravan)

Pressure cookers 2017

The pressure cooker is back in fashion and can be great for tasty, convenient food on your caravan holidays – we've tested eight to see which is the best

Created on 19th May 2017

Practical Caravan accessory reviews – The power bank test – 1 - Find the best power bank for your budget and never run out of battery on your caravan holidays! (© Simon Mortimer/James Stanbury/Practical Caravan)

Portable power banks 2017

Don't like the thought of your phone, tablet or Kindle running flat while on tour? You need a power bank! We put 10 to the test to keep you fully charged

Created on 27th March 2017

Practical Caravan – Portable fridge group test – 1 - Keep more cool on tour – read our portable fridge/freezer reviews and find the best for you! (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Portable freezers 2017

For a first-rate portable fridge/freezer to increase your chilling capacity on your caravan holidays, check out these eight, at a variety of price points

Created on 17th January 2017

The Practical Caravan Milenco Grand Aero 3 review – 1 - We put these Milenco Grand Aero 3 towing mirrors through their paces at our 2016 Tow Car Awards testing (© Practical Caravan)

Milenco Grand Aero 3 2016

Check out the new-for-2016 Milenco Grand Aero 3 towing mirrors, as Nigel Hutson tests an updated version of these essential caravan accessories

Created on 1st November 2016

4.5 stars


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Practical Caravan's sat-nav apps test - header pic - We've been testing a selection of smartphone sat-nav apps for caravanning (© Practical Caravan/Simon Mortimer)

Sat-nav apps for caravan holidays 2016

Cheap sat-nav apps for your smartphone will save you money and stress – read James Stanbury's tests to find the best smartphone apps for towing caravans

Created on 31st May 2016

Practical Caravan's Kampa Verona Indulgence Deluxe recliner review - At £105 the Kampa Verona Indulgence Deluxe recliner isn't cheap, but you do get what you pay for (© James Stanbury/Practical Caravan)

Kampa Verona Indulgence Deluxe 2016

The Kampa Verona Indulgence Deluxe recliner is the most comfortable sun lounger tested – read our review to see what this premium chair offers – at a price

Created on 26th April 2016

4.0 stars


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Practical Caravan's Quest Ragley Relaxer review - One of the cheaper reclining camping chairs we tested was the £69.99 Quest Elite Ragley Sage Stepless Relaxer (© James Stanbury/Practical Caravan)

Quest Elite Ragley Sage Stepless Relaxer 2016

For around £70 you could buy a Quest Elite Ragley Range Sage Stepless AntiGravity Relaxer – but do read our expert's verdict before taking the plunge

Created on 26th April 2016

3.0 stars


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Practical Caravan's Kampa Opulence Amalfi sun lounger review - The Kampa Opulence Amalfi is the best sun lounger in Practical Caravan's group test (© James Stanbury/Practical Caravan)

Kampa Opulence Amalfi 2016

The best sun lounger we've tested is the Kampa Opulence Amalfi – and our expert is on hand to explain why this superb all-rounder is the winner

Created on 26th April 2016

5.0 stars


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