Accommodating a large family of 5 or 6 has always been a challenge to manufacturers, usually solved by a triple-bunk layout. This van offers an alternative layout that is more flexible. Adria’s Adora range was the first to offer this fixed-bed 6-berth layout and they did it on a single-axle. The layout was quickly picked up by Bailey and the Swift Group who chose twin-axle models. They later followed with single-axle versions along with Sprite, Elddis and Lunar.

This layout offers families the luxury of a fixed bed, but with the option of bunks and the front double for children, as well as plenty of space for lounging in the evenings.

This is a big caravan to have on a single axle, giving extra space for plenty of storage, bigger beds and a more functional wash-room. Bed options include the fixed double at the rear of the van, a side dinette that converts into two bunks and a large make-up double at the front of the caravan.

Storage in this van is plentiful, with specialised storage such as a spice rack plus dedicated table storage below the shelving unit that divides the lounge and kitchen. The interior styling is traditional and the caravan packs extras such as a 97-litre fridge, a domestic style washroom door, a TV stand and a drinks cabinet. Does the layout really work well for large families, though?