Of the brands that have thus far revealed their 2016 tourers, it’s fair to say that most UK caravan manufacturers have opted to keep change to a relative minimum for 2016. And Slovenian brand Adria seems to be treading a similar path for the coming season, electing to give one existing model (the Adora Isonzo) its long-awaited ‘Silver Edition’ treatment, and introduce just one more in the same livery.

That new model is called ‘Eden’ (like its siblings, it’s named after a river – or, to be more accurate in this case, three, since there are River Edens in Cumbria, Kent and Fife), and it’s the latest addition to the entry-level Altea range. Eden is currently only available in special edition trim (although we’ll be amazed if it doesn’t become a standard model for the 2017 model year), which brings with it an all-silver body and a whole host of additional equipment.

Of rather more interest, however, is its intended customer. If you’re looking at Adria caravans for sale, you’ll of course know there are already family layouts within the Altea range, but both the Severn and Trent weigh in the region of 1450-1500kg, which is well into large SUV tow car territory. Eden, on the other hand, is tipped to weigh no more than 1300kg all-in (although this had yet to be confirmed at the time of writing), which brings it well within the reach of caravanners with smaller, lighter tow cars.