The Adria Altea Tyne is the final one of the new-look Alteas to be rolled out by the Slovenian brand. It made its UK debut at the February NEC Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show, and we were there to take a look. Nine months after we first saw the new Alteas, do they still turn heads?

Pitch and set-up

Alteas from 2023 are distinctive, with their silver sides and the blue decal fading slowly towards the rear. Featuring a huge central front window and a slightly curved profile, they look stylish on the road, with the Dart impressing us enough to make it into our best caravan guide. A minimalist light cluster at the back helps, too.

As with all Adrias, the A-frame is a little longer than standard, and has no moulding, so there is plenty of space for a caravan bike rack. You might prefer, though, to have easy access to the large gas bottle locker. On this model, you get an external locker door at the rear on the nearside. The Alteas also retain a stable door, with an awning light.

Lounge in the Adria Altea Tyne

The caravan manufacturer has created a roomy U-shaped lounge, with a handy fold-down table for occasional use.

The opening window and skylight let in loads of light, while the Symalite walls look like felt and help to deaden external noise.

Lounge of Tyne
Sunroof and central window help flood the lounge with daylight

This interior is a little on the grey side, though – particularly now that the settees are upholstered all the way to the floor, where they match the carpet. So it’s just as well the designers have punctuated this grey with pastel-coloured scatter cushions. Proper curtains on front and side windows also make things more homely.

There are two spotlights under each locker, which you can slide into position, two USBs under the nearside locker and a mains socket in the corner.

The table is stored in the sideboard to the right of the door. A TV bracket with sockets nearby provides an ideal place for a TV that everyone should be able to see – if you’re looking for one, be sure to check out our best caravan TV guide.

Kitchen in the Adria Altea Tyne

The speckled off-white worktop might not appeal to everyone, but it contrasts well with the grey, and there’s a handy extension flap. You also get a three-burner gas hob beside the square-ish sink. The whole area is well lit, with a large window and a striplight.

There’s only a combined oven and grill below, but you do get a 140-litre fridge.

Washroom in the Adria Altea Tyne

The type of caravan with fixed single beds and end washrooms have become something of a rarity these days, so it’s good to see that caravan layout here. Open the washroom door and you’ll find a large salad-bowl-style handbasin in front of an elegant mirrored cupboard.

The toilet is to the left (away from the awning), by an opaque window that stops the room feeling gloomy. To the right is a very large shower cabinet with excellent headroom, even with a permanent clothes rail in the ceiling. It’s a pity there is only one drainage hole, however.

Beds in the Adria Altea Tyne

The long fixed single beds are comfortable, and can be raised at the head for daytime use. There are spotlights and USBs here, and a mains socket in the base of the offside bed.

The lounge settees are really only long enough to function as single beds for small children. You make them into a very large double by pulling slats out from under the middle section. But because the bases are upholstered, you need to take out two metal struts, housed in the nearside settee. These rest on top of the bases to support the slats.

Double bed made up in lounge
Lounge seating converts into a generous double bed, but this does involve struts and slats

Putting all this in position can be fiddly, but it does feel secure. The settees have substantial knee rolls, so you will probably at least have to turn them around.

Storage in the Adria Altea Tyne

The Altea is closest to what you might call a budget range. This means, among other things, that you don’t get internal access flaps to the underseat or underbed lockers. But lift the slats and they stay up, even with base cushions or mattresses on top. There are overhead lockers above both settees and beds, and a large wardrobe.

It is useful to have a microwave, but that does mean you are a little restricted on dry-food storage. Two large drawers under the locker and two lockers at the bottom are more than adequate for kitchenware. But the overhead locker next to the microwave is mostly taken up with crockery racks. There is also a small locker above the TV bracket, but you won’t fit much in here. You might also have to make use of the sideboard, where the table is stored.

Kitchen cupboards
Kitchen includes a microwave, but some overhead locker space is taken up by crockery racks

Aside from the mirrored cupboard above the handbasin, the washroom includes two further cupboards, which slope away to the left. The doors to these open in parallel, to make them easier to access.


Adria has built a solid reputation for quirky innovation, and this van is no exception. Its striking new design is likely to mean that while some will love the domesticated interior, others will find it a little too grey.

All in all, though, the Tyne promises to be a very comfortable caravan for four.

If you’re looking for more ideas for four of you on tour, our guide to the best 4 berth caravans is a great place to start.

Reason to buy:

  • Comfortable lounge, long beds, roomy shower cubicle

Reason to avoid:

  • All a bit grey, rather limited dry-food storage

Technical spec:

  • Price: £29,200
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 1800kg
  • MiRO: 1357kg
  • Payload: 443kg
  • Overall length: 8.25m
  • Interior length: 6.14m
  • Overall width: 2.30m

Spec list

  • Galvanised Al-Ko chassis
  • Fitting for Al-Ko wheel lock
  • AKS stabiliser
  • Three-burner gas hob
  • 140-litre fridge
  • Microwave
  • Combined oven and grill
  • Truma Combi 4E heating
  • LED lighting
  • Awning light
  • Status 580 aerial

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