The Altea range has been around for 16 years, and in that time, it’s brought entry-level buyers into the Adria brand, often as a stepping stone to the more expensive Adora.

The Altea has proved a solid performer for Adria in the UK and 2020 sees the range receive an interior freshen-up. It’s been a while since the last revamp, and the Altea was probably ready for a new look.

The exterior seems pretty much the same, apart from new graphics, but Adria buyers tend to be attracted by the almost bullet-proof build, rather than the latest interior design developments.

But don’t let that lead you into thinking the Altea isn’t up-to-date, because it is, although it still has that entry-level feel.

For 2020, the spec has been beefed up to keep up with the competition. Will the new Dart woo buyers from UK brands?