‘Iconic’ is an overused word these days, particularly in the caravan industry.

But where the Airstream is concerned, the cap fits.

And the UK has been without new examples of these distinctive, aluminium-skinned American ‘trailers’ since Adventure LV stopped importing them in 2016.

But they have now returned, with the backing of Swift Group, which will be distributing three models (this single-axle Missouri, plus the twin-axle Yukon and Colorado) through six flagship dealers for the 2018 model year.

From the outside, the only obvious changes are a small ‘Distributed by Swift’ badge and the all-important NCC approval (which also means it’s CRiS registered, should it get stolen), plus a UK-friendly gas barbecue point.

Inside it’s a little more modified: vans are shipped ready-built from the Ohio works, with Swift’s Cottingham-based team adding UK-friendly electrics, plumbing and soft furnishings.

That means three-pin plugs – but not enough of them, we say – and Alde heating.